About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting the site. I’m Assya (pronounced Ah-See-Ya), based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In today’s ultra-competitive online market, there isn’t any room left for crap content. Any  decent marketing strategy needs to include high quality, original content. You and your business needs content that stands out, gets linked to and shared all over the web.

That’s where I come in.

Once upon a time, I was looking for a change from my work as a technology consultant, and that got me writing content (for free) on various online journals.

Fast forward to today, my work has been featured in such publications a QZ.com, FoundrMag.com and Yahoo.com

Through my journey, I’ve learned the power of social media, content marketing and compelling writing . I’ve  invested heavily in becoming an expert on using these mediums.

Now, I help small businesses and entrepreneurs  like you boost their sales, speak to their audience or simply make a passing visitor stay for a while long.

Your online presence now –> ‘meh’

Your online presence after you hire me –> ‘this is epic’

My rate is $0.25 a word.

Here are some examples of my work:

This Little-Known Viral Formula Landed Me 130,800 Share (On a Single Article)

The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Digital Magazine From Scratch

And here are some testimonials of how awesome I am:

“Assya is an amazing content creator. Highly recommend.” – Nathan Chan, CEO of FoundrMag

“Assya is an Instagram GODDESS. I knew that Instagram is a powerful platform with a ton of potential for great content marketing, but I didn’t have the time or mental capacity to do it justice. When I saw what she was doing with her own account, I hired her to help me out, and within 7 days it was already been one of the best investments I’ve made this year. Assya resuscitated my dead Instagram account from 197 followers to almost 1,600 followers in a matter of days – and they are highly targeted followers that convert. They are the exact people I’m trying to reach with my business and brand and since Assya started working with my account, the traffic from Instagram has converting at almost 30% into email subscribers. ” – Sarah Peterson, CEO of Unsettle.org

“Yahoo Makers published Assya’s thoughtful and provocative first-person essay on going 200 days without buying anything new. The article’s mix of personal information and clear, useful advice made it a great fit for our site. It was our top-performing piece that day, both in overall and also social traffic, and we felt it was compelling enough to create an original video piece to go with Assya’s text.” – Oliver Libaw, Yahoo! Managing Editor




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