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I know the ingredients to cook up viral content

(with the track record to prove it)















Words sell.


Blogs. Guest posts. Featured articles. Headlines. Facebook posts. Even Tweets.

As a busy entrepreneur, you know better than anyone that it’s critical to show up and show off.

A series of letters strung together, finely honed or richly detailed, can make you money. If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of stringing those words together…

If you’re sick to death of stressing over semi-colons and exclamation points (Hint: don’t use either)…

If you have a head full of ideas and a complete and undying frustration at getting them OUT…

You’re in the right place. I’m Assya Barrette and I help entrepreneurs like you get your message out so you can build an audience of raving fans, stay connected to your current clients and show off your expertise.

See, good words – the kind that draw people in to your site, your message, to you – are magnets for dollar bills. I’m here so you don’t have to:

  • spend days or weeks working on a single blog post. Who has that kind of time?
  • keep your great idea stopped up in your head because you’re not sure how to say it.
  • invest years and thousands of dollars learning the art of copywriting.

If you want traffic, quality leads and to nurture relationships with clients and potential clients, scroll down and check out my services.

My Services

It’s time that your business started benefiting from the power of great content.

Customized Online Marketing Strategy

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what works – and what doesn’t. You’ve been trying online marketing, but it’s not working. You’re not getting the engagement you want. You’re not building your email list. You’re putting in a lot of work, with no return. I will create a detailed online marketing strategy which will grow your audience, target your preferred market and help supercharge your business’s growth.

1 hour coaching + detailed action plan + editorial calendar for your first month of blogging and social media = $379


I’m a passionate writer and content marketer. I don’t do boring stuff. My content engages, gets shared and gets your business the attention – and the leads –  it deserves.

$0.25 a word. A typical blog post (around 750 words) = $187.50

Hire me for a month of unlimited content creation = $3200

Need lots of content? I have discounts. Email me.


Your customer has been led through your carefully planned sales funnel. They finally arrive to your sales page. But there’s a problem. Your would-be customers are not buying. All of that effort for nothing. That’s why you need a copywriter. I craft sales pages that draw your customers into a riveting story. At the end of this story, these customers cannot help but purchase your product or service. The power of copywriting is very real, and will be the one thing that makes the biggest difference in your business.

Sales page transformation = $350


Let me guess. You wrote a brilliant article. Except, after reading it over for the 847th time, the sentences are blending into one another. Your….I mean you’re….certain there’s a few typos in there, and too few metaphors. Listen. Take a nap, hire me. I bring writing from grey-scale to neon rainbow. I reincarnate zombie writing into the sauve tango dancer it needs to be to impress, convert and sell.

Up to 900 words = $50

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